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Monday, October 23, 2006

Appeal to Chinese Men Never to Marry Any Chinese Woman Who Has Ever Dated a White Guy

Uh-oh. I can see another Blogostorm coming, reminisncent of late August's China Bounder controversy. We bloggers are like gossipy old ladies in Mayberry. Anything about sex or race, and the mud starts flying. The latest delicious provocation, translated from Chinese over at The 88s , reads as follows (note that “F1” refers to the visa status of Chinese university students in the United States):

Appeal to Male F1s to Absolutely Never Marry Chinese Girls Who Have Dated White Guys

“You can date, you can also make love, but definitely not want to get married for a very simple reason. Although we are all people of high ability, we can’t settle the status issue: we can’t provide green cards. In other respects we are definitely better than average white people, but because of the system we are forced to compete from a position of weakness.

But our superiority lies in this: Language and culture, after all it is easier to communicate with us than white guys. Usually we are quite traditional, on the whole all can rely on our support. But the ultimate reason is that we allow female F1s to take advantage of us. Their selfish calculation is this: first they date white guys, and if they get married to them, then they have achieved what they wanted; if they couldn’t marry a white guy, they still have us Chinese guys as backups.

Therefore in order to put an end to them treating us as backups, I appeal to you: Let all male F1s join forces to boycott any female F1 who has dated white guys. It’s like trashy schools and top-tier schools competing to enroll new students: Although I am a very trashy university, I will give you an offer right away. I want you to decide right away. If you are waiting for a top-tier university, I will immediately reject you. Why? Because only in this way are you able to maximize your interest. Otherwise all you can get are those who were rejected by top-tier schools.

—From today begins the upward progress of a sunny, wretched, handsome male F1.”Posted by: TwentyFourCM (24cm)

I can’t help but respond:

To Mr. 24 cm:

1. Why would you want to be someone's second choice anyway?

2. I am a white male who married a Chinese woman who only wanted me for a green card. And I can assure you that I am not any better off than you are. If she had dissed you before going out with me all those years ago, you would have been the lucky one, not me. Your whining smacks of the old Nice Guys vs. Jerks debate back in high school.

But despite my bad experience, I have not become cynical and I do not believe that all Chinese women who date white guys are looking for a green card. I found many of such women to be honest, decent people. And lots of Japanese women date white guys in affluent Tokyo (where I lived for 5 years); most of them are not interested in green cards. I have puzzled over this phenomenon myself in a previous post, “Why Western Men are Alpha Males in China”.

3. In view of the notorious ‘Jacques Cousteau Syndrome’ (American women falling for guys with French accents), I hereby propose that we American men boycott any American woman who has ever dated a French guy. In fact, we should make a little list for them to read: "Permissible Skin Colors, Religions, and Nationalities of Men You are Allowed to Date: The Official Regulations of the American Patriotic Union of Bitter, Jilted Men".

Ryan over at The Humanaught has a cooler head than I do: “I only hope that some level-minded, liberalized Chinese guy stands up and deflates this dingbat before he gives Chinese girls a real reason to stick with ‘top tier universities’”

Any takers?


Blogger Lonnie said...

Nice work...

Greetings from Guangzhou...

Monday, October 23, 2006 2:46:00 PM  

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